Call for Speaker

As a speaker,​ you receive a free ticket for the summit with Speaker Batch
Discount Coupon for DevOps Courses 

Ways to propose a talk

Day 1
30-minute talk presented during the conference, usually in the mornings
Day 2
Ignite talk presented during the Ignite sessions (scheduling varies). These are 5 minutes slots with max 20 slides changing every 15 seconds

Tracks for the Talk (Day 1)

Track 1

DevOps Maturity Model & Community of Practice (DevEx, OpsEx, SRE)

Track 2

DevOps & Emerging Technology (ML,AIOps, BlockChain & HCI)

Track 3

DevOps – Security 

Tracks for the Talk (Day2)

If you’d like to lead a group discussion/Workshop during the attendee-suggested Open Space breakout sessions

Track 1

DevOps Maturity Model- Workshop

Track 2

DevOps & Emerging Technology – Workshop

Track 3

DevOps Security 

Hands-on​ sessions on topics AIOps with DevSecOps, DevOps​ Sandbox, IaaC,​ Modern delivery practices

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