DevOps Summit 2020

Face-to-Face | Virtual
Ottawa | Nov 2nd – 3rd 2020
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DevOps Summit2020
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Summit Keynote Speaker

Shlomo Bielak, Canada

Eli Fathi, Canada

Summit Speakers

Garima Bajpai, Canada

Cliff Ellement, Canada

Made Mulia Indrajaya, Indonesia

Niladri Choudhuri, India

Stefan Streichsbier, Singapore

Tom Henricksen, USA

Suresh GP, Singapore

Mirco Hering, Australia

Romnick Acabado, philippines

Sanjeev Sharma, USA

Cheryl Netterfield, Canada

Jihai Zhou, China

Tracy Ragan, USA

Ronak Vyas, Canada

Jorge Castro, Peru

Steve Pereira, Canada

Santanoo Bhattacharjee, India

Marc Hornbeek, Mexico

Matt Cole, Canada

Miroslav Andonov, Netherlands

Steve zheng, China

Christine Dyack, Canada

Nancy Gariche, Canada

Peter Maddison, Canada

Bhavyatta Bhardwaj, Canada

Varun Manik, Malaysia

Alex Borhani, USA

Christian Hermanus, Indonesia

Summit Agenda – Day 1 Talks

09:00 am – 09:15 am

Welcome Note by Capital Carbon Consulting

09:15 am – 09:45 am

Keynote DevGovOps by Shlomo Bielak

10:00 am – 10:15 am

Track 1 Intro – DevOps Community of Practice & Maturity Model by Made Mulia Indrajaya

10:20 am – 10:35 am

Track 2 Intro – DevOps and Emerging Techby Ronak Vyas

10:20 am – 10:55 am

Track 1 – Leveraging the power of Gamification to improve Business Resultsby Suresh GP

10:35 am – 11:00 am

Keynote AI, Leadership Perspective by Eli Fathi

10:40 am – 10:55 am

Track 3 Intro – Mindfulness of DevSecOps by Cliff Ellement

11:00 am – 11:45 am

Track 1 – The Journey to DevOps Maturity – A Never Ending Story by Mirco Hering

11:00 am – 11:45 am

Track 2 – Migrating your CI/CD pipeline to a microservice architecture by Tracy Ragan

11:00 am – 11:45 am

Track 3 – Decoding DevSecOps by Niladri Choudhuri

11:45am – 12:30 pm

Track 1 – The Human Side of DevOps Transformation by Christian Hermanus

11:45am – 12:30 pm

Track 2 – The Future of DevSecOps by Stefan Streichsbier

11:45am – 12:30 pm

Track 3 – NoOps by Santanoo Bhattacharjee

01:00 pm – 01:45 pm

Track 1 – The Implementation of DevSecOps in Large Banks by Jihai Zhou

01:00 pm – 01:30 pm

Track 2 – Introducing DevOps Community of Practice by Christine Dyack

01:00 pm – 01:45 pm

Track 3 – Learning Core Behaviors: How Leaders Can Influence Success of DevOps
Adoption Success?
by Romnick (Artista) Acabado

01:30 pm – 02:00 pm

Track 2 – DevOps from an Outsider’s Perspective by Cheryl Netterfield

02:00 pm – 02:30 pm

Track 1 – Self-Assess DevOps 9 Pillars and map your journey towards higher maturity by Marc Hornbeek

02:00 pm – 02:45 pm

Track 2 – Test automation journey of migrating your application from monolithic to microservices by Steve Zheng

02:00 pm – 02:30 pm

Track 3 – Panel discussion – Maturity, Compliance and Evolution devops practicesby DevOps Experts

02:45 pm – 03:30 pm

Track 1 – DevOps Maturity Model by Tom Henricksen

02:45 pm – 03:30 pm

Track 2 – Five Ideals of the age of Data based on unicorn project by Jorge Castro

02:45 pm – 03:30 pm

Track 3 – Agile to DevSecOps: One Mindset At A Time by Bhavyatta Bhardwaj

03:30 pm – 04:00 pm

Track 1 – DevSecOps: Achieving Goals & Continuous Assurance through Configuration
 by Alex Borhani

03:30 pm – 04:00 pm

Track 2 – Why DevOps training matters to an SRE Practice by Ronak Vyas

Summit Agenda – Day 1 Workshops

10:55 am – 01:00 pm

 *premium Threat Modeling – Gamification of DevSecOps by Suresh GP

01:00 pm – 03:00 pm

Securing your pipes with a TACO by Peter Maddison

Summit Agenda – Day 2 Workshops

10:00 am – 01:00 pm

*premium Introduction to DataOps workshop by Sanjeev Sharma

10:40 am – 12:00 pm

Visible Value Stream Workshop by Steve Pereira

01:00 pm- 03:00 pm

*premium MlOps with DevOps by Varun Manik

01:00 pm – 03:00 pm

*premium Gamification of DevOps – Leadtime Game by Steve Zheng

02:00 pm – 04:00 pm

Security Testing for Your Infrastructure as Code by Nancy Gariche

Special Notice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the global health concerns due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), We are closely monitoring public health guidance in relation to in-person events. The health and well-being of our employees, partners, customers, and other guests remain our priority. We will continue to monitor the guidance and make any necessary changes as the situation evolves. If the summit must be canceled at a later date due to guidance from public health authorities, Canada at that time, registrants will be able to request appropriate refund of summit fees.







Get in Touch

Garima Bajpai

Garima Bajpai is Co-Founder, DevOps Community of Practice, Canada and Executive Board Member of Capital Carbon Consulting committed to helping organizations struggling with complex digital transformation & development projects. She is leading the operational vision of the company by ultimately maximizing value for customers through the Strategic Business Transformation. She has helped a wide variety of organizations adopt agile software delivery practices. She is a frequent keynote at major industry conferences and is a widely published author of articles and research reports

Lecture Title : DevOps Moonshot

Suresh GP

Founder & Managing Director of TaUB Solutions LLC, USA. Suresh GP, M-Tech is currently the Founder & Managing Director of TaUB Solutions LLC, USA. He has more than 18+ Years of IT experience and specialized in IT Service Management, IT Governance, Agile, DevOps and Business Relationship Management. Suresh as a Principal Consultant does Consulting, Training, Simulations and Implementation services for DevOps to Fortune 2000 organization.

He was also awarded top 25 thought leaders in service management for 2017, 2018 and 2019 by HDI

Suresh is also the Regional Leader for Asia Pacific at BRM Institute and Global Ambassador of DevOps Institute.

To complement his extensive experience, he has earned wide range of certifications that include ITIL 4, ITIL V3 Expert, DevOps Leader, CGEIT, CBRM, CASM, PMP, ISO 20000 Practitioner and ISO/IEC 20000 & 27001 Lead Auditor. He is a regular blogger and speaker in National & International Forums like itSMF, DevOps Institute, PMI, ISACA. He was awarded itSMF Contributor Award by itSMF Singapore in 2013 and 4 BRM Excellence Awards at BRM Connect 2017

WorkShop : Leveraging the power of Gamification to improve Business Results

Romnick Acabado

Romnick Acabado is a DevOps Leader and SME at Lingaro and DevOps Institute’s Global Ambassador in Philippines.
He leads a team that specializes in data analytics (business intelligence, big data, data lake, enterprise reporting and visualization).
He is responsible for hiring, resource management, skills and performance management, operations excellence, knowledge management strategy and other administrative tasks.
He also leads Manila technical skills development. He is being involved as well in business development and client management.

He has the following IT certifications to deliver expertise in his current role:

DOI - DevOps Foundation v3 and Leader v2
ITIL v3, Professional Scrum Master
Knowledge-Centered Service v6 Practices (KCS).

His top 5 strengths are Relator, Responsibility, Analytical, Learner and Communication.
He has been recognized as a value creator and a key talent in his past and current organization, respectively.

His mission is to use his creativity, authenticity, and accountability in continuous learning to share best practices in achieving business value and sustainable success
to whomever he is working with as an IT Leader. He is passionate in learning and sharing DevOps transformation experience to help organizations in creating business value to improve quality of life.

Lecture Title : Learning Core Behaviors: How Leaders Can Influence Success of DevOps Adoption Success

Steve Pereira

Steve Pereira is obsessed with making tech human, and helping software delivery teams level up.
He is the founder of Visible - boosting team performance with Value Stream Mapping. Previously, he has been founding CTO of Statflo, and a lifetime workflow automator. He also leads the 6000+ member Toronto DevOps community with a regular meetup, events and annual conference.

Ever since he was an infant he's been taking things apart and reimagining how they fit together. He had the wonderful fortune of being a child of a technical leader and a teacher, in a family of 6 kids. He once moved into his closet for a week because it would keep his room clean and bed made without touching it. He's become a bit more practical and less idealistic over the years, but no less obsessed with simplicity and optimization. He was always encouraged to be curious and resourceful and to speak up, experiment and think big - and that's always how he's lived and worked.


He loves to talk about:
Digital/Cloud/Delivery Transformation
Software Delivery/Value Stream Automation

He spends warm months in Toronto and cold months in Mexico and other sandal-friendly places.
He provides the Visible Value Delivery Program, workshops, remote coaching and tools to enterprise teams through


Workshop : Visible Value Stream

Santanoo Bhattacharjee

Technology is changing business models. IT Infrastructure is & will always remain the core of delivering values. I work for positioning them as the best enablers.

Experienced in creating compelling solution decks, modelling infrastructure requirements & proposing deliverable solutions for both ERPs & ISVs. Enabling service delivery modelled projects with GAP analysis, working on process maturity assessment & re-scoping operational landscapes hereby felicitating the vision to achieve continuous delivery on cloud modelled applications.

• Experience in Product Management, Pre Sales (DevOps, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and cross-functional technical roles
• Identifying scope, opportunities and limitations from customer requirements and given IT landscape details in RFPs/RFIs, and designing relevant solutions around PaaS (SCP), DevOps and Tools as a Service
• Analyzing and identifying potential customers and opportunities; targeting and proactively approaching potential customers and maintaining opportunity funnel
• Conceptualizing, designing and pricing new offerings, thereby innovating new sources of revenues
• Collaborating and coordinating with various stake holders such as client, sales, technical architects, delivery teams and partners/vendors for proposing best possible solutions
• Presenting our solutions and capabilities to customers and handling client interactions
• Expand its DevOps offering to mobile applications and to applications hosted in the cloud
Develop niche offerings e.g. performance engineering, and service virtualization


Lecture Title : NoOps

Tracy Ragan

Tracy is CEO and Co-Founder of DeployHub. DeployHub is the first microservice management platform designed to facilitate the sharing, relationship mapping and deployments of microservices.

Tracy is expert in configuration management and pipeline life cycle practices with a hyper focus on microservices and cloud native architecture. She currently serves as a board member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) where she is the elected General Member Representative. Tracy is a recognized evangelist in microservices and the continuous delivery pipeline.

She is the creator of the Continuous Delivery Foundation Interactive Landscape, a blog contributor for the CDF and speaks at many DevOps events such as CNCF’s KubeCon and CloudBees DevOpsWorld. Tracy is also a DevOps Institute Ambassador and speaks at AWS Marketplace webinar educational events. She is also the leader of the New Mexcio CI/CD Foundation Meetups.

Prior to DeployHub, Tracy was the COO and co-founder of OpenMake Software, a build acceleration and management tool that is the heart of development for over 400 enterprise development teams. She served on the Eclipse Foundation Board as a founding
member from 2004 -2007.
Tracy was recognized as a Women In Technology (WIT) Honoree for her work in the DevOps area. You may also find her as an expert panelist on Webinars along with some of her friends at GitLab and CircleCI, or quoted in SD Times articles around DevOps subjects.


Lecture Title : Migrating your CI/CD pipeline to a microservice architecture

Niladri Choudhuri 

Niladri is an experienced expert in IT Industry, having 30 years of Delivery, Consulting and Training experience. He has built competencies in Portfolio, Program and Project Management Consulting and Enterprise Project Management Tools Implementation and consulting on Agile and DevOps and SRE methodologies. He has also managed multiple projects on custom built application, integration with ERPs and Datawarehouse projects along with setting up ITSM processes and managing the Operations. He has managed large team up to 250 members in onsite – offshore model. He has managed projects with customers in USA, UK, Europe, Middle-east, Japan, Australia and Singapore. He has large experience in pre-sales, customer relationship, proposal making and defence globally.
He has been responsible for leading the Practice to a size of USD 10+ Million. He has managed various alliances with organizations like HP, CA, Microsoft, Oracle Primavera, and Planview. He has developed the go-to-market with such alliance partners, sell-with, sell-through strategies and various solutions to bring to market together enabled on their products.

He has trained employees from many large organizations in India and abroad. He is accredited for DevSecOps, SRE and other DevOps Certification from DevOps Institute, USA. He is part of the ITIL 4 Development Group.

He is the Founder and CEO of Xellentro Consulting Services LLP, Xellentro Pte Ltd., Singapore, a Consulting and Training organization focusing on DevOps and the organizer for the largest DevOps Event in India – DOIS2018 and DOIS2019. He is also Director of Engineering DevOps Consulting, USA.

Specialties: Delivery Management, Enterprise Portfolio Management and PMO Consulting, EPM Solutions based end to end consulting. Program and Project Management, Agile Methodologies

Lecture Title : Decoding DevSecOps

Cliff Ellement

Cliff Ellement is the Managing Director of The Resiliency Council of Canada (TRCC), a Cyber Security Advisory, Assessment and Certification company Headquartered in Ottawa. Cliff has over 25 years experience as a Data Network Architect and Senior Product Management Leader and has successfully launched several global communication network infrastructure and monitoring product lines as well as Secured Enterprise Applications (SaaS) Services. He has developed extensive expertise in networking, resiliency, operations and security frameworks with deep insights of customer segment requirements spanning SME to Enterprise market segments. Cliff is driving to develop new Cyber Security product and services to aid the development, deployment and operation of a Highly Connected and Resilient world.

Lecture Title : Mindfulness of DevSecOps

Stefan Streichsbier

Stefan began his career in Security Assurance in 2003 and has since performed intrusive security testing across hundreds of corporate networks and business-critical applications.

Afterward, Stefan has been focused on secure application development for web and mobile applications, using his skills as both a developer and security expert to champion Source Code Analysis and Secure Application Coding best practice.
Stefan is regularly conducting security workshops, security awareness trainings, and frequently speaks at public events and conferences.

Stefan has been dedicated to enabling organizations to rapidly deliver applications without creating a security bottleneck through application security programs and DevSecOps implementations.

Stefan is the Founder of GuardRails ( A security platform that orchestrates open source security tools, curates their output and makes actionable results available in pull requests.
Stefan is a co-founder of the local DevSecOps Singapore Meetup group that is enjoying an active and ever-growing community. Stefan has also been involved as core organizer of DevOpsDays Singapore, DevOpsDays Jakarta, and DevSecCon Asia.

Lecture Title : The Future of DevSecOps

Tom Henricksen

Building Great IT Careers!

Lecture Title : DevOps Maturity Model

Jorge Castro

Jorge is an agilist who feels passion for Testing Automation, Agile, DevOps and business agility. He enjoys research and learning about business agility and working with cutting-edge technologies. He has been learning continuously for more than 12 years and is still learning new ways to foster business agility and team greatness. He has worked in several roles (developer, tester, manager, agile coach) which helps him to see the big picture and operational and team members dynamics happening inside organizations. This experience lets him help teams design, build and implement digital, DevOps and agile transformation strategies. He encourages focus on: People, Productivity, Continuous improvement, Innovation and having fun to enjoy success in our agile journeys.

Lecture Title : Five Ideals of the age of Data based on unicorn project 

Mirco Hering

Mirco is a Managing Director at Accenture and leads the Agile & DevOps practice in Asia Pacific with focus on Agile transformations, DevOps and Test Automation.

Lecture Title : The Journey to DevOps Maturity - A Never Ending Story

Sanjeev Sharma

Sanjeev is known for forging ‘trusted advisor’ relationships and helping C-level executives successfully transform traditional, legacy IT organizations, with a focus on building organizational capability for DevOps, Cloud adoption and Data Modernization. Experience includes leading successful transformations at several of the largest, most critical and strategic organizations globally. Industry thought leader for key trends of DevOps, Cloud, Data Modernization, and emerging trends of Containers, Microservices, Serverless and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

Workshop : DataOps by Sanjeev Sharma (Paid Workshop)

Cheryl Netterfield

Dr. Cheryl Netterfield, CD, MD

Founder & CEO POMMe-Health

Having worked as a Medical Officer for the Canadian Armed Forces for over 24 years, Cheryl has worked in five different provinces and territories across Canada and on multiple deployments overseas, including Bosnia and Kosovo. Her clinical area of expertise includes family medicine with special interests in occupational, disability and sports medicine. She is a licensed Sports Med Physician, performs Independent Medical Examinations and facilitates lectures in “Health in Retirement.”

Always searching for ways to improve upon the delivery of healthcare and enable physicians to work more efficiently, her current mission is to develop digital technologies that disrupt current processes.
POMMe-Health delivers a patient-centric communication platform for healthcare teams to rapidly identify patient issues and prioritize them. This time-saving technology provides accountability and transparency and a better quality of life for every patient.

Lecture Title : DevOps from an Outsider’s Perspective

Shlomo Bielak

Shlomo is the CTO at Benchmark Corp in Canada and a DevOps Institute Ambassador. His mantra to live by is: “I am here to help.” He is focused on supporting the practical side of DevSecOps which stems from his engineering and enterprise architecture background.

He was previously a global head of Site Reliability Engineering and Application Security as a CISO for a Fortune 500. He is also the creator of Governance Engineering which is published in one of his whitepapers on DevGovOps. He has worked with niche companies in the container space to publish two case studies showing how a large corporation can modernize its applications using containers and microservices in the cloud, while supporting PCI compliance using CD pipelines.

He participates heavily in the conference scene which includes keynotes in; Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, Toronto, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and New Orleans. He also provides thought-leadership and product management guidance to multiple partners at their CKO/SKOs to align better with the shift-left DevOps culture. Having successfully implemented digital transformation for a fortune 500 he plans to show others how to do so practically. Ask him anything on the spot. He loves it.

Lecture Title : DevGovOps

Jihai Zhou

Jihai graduated from Imperial College London as a PhD and started to work on DevOps from 2012 as the DevOps Champion in Financial industry.

His experience covers implementing DevOps tooling, leading the Technology transformation, managing DevOps teams, running DevOps Community and defining DevOps standard. In 2018, Jihai focused on DevSecOps transformation through implementing DevSecOps tools (SAST, DAST/IAST, FOSS), as well as establishing DevSecOps assessment models and DevSecOps culture.

Lecture Title : The Implementation of DevSecOps in Large Banks

Ronak Vyas

Consultant, Digital Strategy and Operations, Emerging Technologies.

A seasoned DevOps evangelist, Ronak has worked across multiple tech disciplines in both large and small Technology companies, Fintech as well as PR and Consulting companies. With DevOps as his core skill, he has architected and built software delivery pipelines for both scaling the team’s capacity on using newer automation technologies and benchmark a resilient software delivery methodology.

He will discuss the journey from “discovery to delivery” in digital transformation bridging the gap between Devops and AI.

Lecture Title : Why DevOps training matters to an SRE Practice

Made Mulia Indrajaya
Made Mulia is an accredited trainer and DevOps Ambassador from DevOps Institute. Made currently works as Managing Partner in NaradaCode, and actively contribute as a speaker in many conferences and events.
Made is also a core organiser of DevOps Indonesia community, and DevOpsDays event in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a DevOps consultant and coach, Made has helped several enterprises and banks in Indonesia to adopt DevOps, Modern IT Service Management and embed Security practices at speed and scale in it to help them stay a head of competition in this digital era.

Lecture Title : DevOps Community of Practice & Maturity Model

Miroslav Andonov

Manager, Software Quality Engineering at ServiceNow.
I started my carrier long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, back in 2001. Most of my carreer has been focused on Test Automation. With more that 10 years of experience in Testing and DevOps I have engaged in multiple roles including: Tech Lead, Test Automation Consultant, Test Architect, QE Manager.
I have real passion for technologies and improving processes and have been fortunate to work on large projects with diverse technologies.


Lecture Title : To Test Or Not To Test (the test automation journey of migrating your application from monolithic to microservices)

Steve zheng

Steve has 20 years of project management and software development experience. He has strong skills in digital transformation for corporations, government, and start-ups.
Steve lives Agile methodology (Scrum, Kanban, etc) and waterfall methodology and is certified in CSM, CSPO, PMI-ACP and DevOps.
Steve is an experienced Java developer who has hands-on coding skills and Devops skills.
Steve has certifications of AWS Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.


Workshop : Continuous Product Oriented Practice by Steve Zheng (Paid Workshop)

Peter Maddison

Peter Maddison has been in the business of building high-performance teams and automating everything worth automating for the past couple of decades. He is a strategist equally happy talking business and technology. Presently, Peter spends his time wrangling chaos, by focusing on creating clarity, confidence and capability in the organizations he works with.


Workshop : Securing your pipes with a TACO

Marc Hornbeek

I am interested to consult for organizations that need help with DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud and Continuous QA transformations, assessments, strategic planning, training, and marketing content including white papers, webinars and blogs. Email me at call at +1 805 908 5789 or use this link to book a live 20 minute DevOps chat.
Additional background:
In addition to his role as CEO and Principal Consultant at Engineering DevOps Consulting, Marc is an Analyst for the Accelerated Strategy Group and Ambassador of The DevOps Institute and Ambassador of the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Marc is a specialist / expert at applying a deep knowledge of engineering practices of Continuous testing, Test Automation, Risk Management, and Continuous Quality Assurance methodologies to DevOps transformations. Marc applies his unique, comprehensive Engineering Blueprints, Seven-Step DevOps Transformation Blueprint and 9 DevOps Pillars discovery and assessment tools, together with targeted workshops to create actionable and comprehensive DevOps transformation roadmaps and strategic plans. Marc is an IEEE Outstanding Engineer, and 44-year Senior of IEEE member. He is a DevOps leadership advisor/mentor. He is the original author of the Continuous Delivery Architect (CDA) and DevOps Test Engineering (DTE) certification courses that are offered by the DevOps Institute. He is a Blogger on He is a freelance writer of DevOps content including webinars, and white papers. His education includes engineering and executive business degrees and multiple certifications from the DevOps Institute.
Author of the book Engineering DevOps


Lecture Title : Self-Assess DevOps 9 Pillars and map your journey towards higher maturity

Bhavyatta Bhardwaj

Ms. Bhardwaj is an early professional with an interest in Project Management practices and Cyber Security trends. She is a Project Manager Consultant in the financial industry, currently working on managing vulnerability remediation. She specializes in optimal solution delivery for software development, implementation methodologies and IT operations management. She is a widely published author of various research articles based on topics like Cyber Security, Neural Networks, etc. As a consultant, she has helped her clients to adopt result driven agile practices


Lecture Title : Agile to DevSecOps: One Mindset At A Time

Matt Cole

Matt is a distinguished DevOps Engineer, providing software delivery solutions with today’s open source communities Cloud | Terraform | Ansible | Docker | Kubernetes | Helm.
As a DevOps COnsultant, Matt is focused on transforming the way Enterprises deliver software
• Client Solutions and implementations for DevOps & Cloud adoption
• Consult with development/Operations/Security teams and guide them to use agile methodologies and help them in the adoption of DevOps principles and tools
• Provide training for users on the use of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering practices at Enterprise scale
• Assess with the various teams of their current processes and offer solutions and design improvements
• Application workload driven cloud assessments and migrations


Workshop : DevSecOps

Eli Fathi

Eli Fathi, President and CEO

Eli Fathi is CEO at MindBridge Ai, developer of the world’s first auditing tool based upon artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies – Ai Auditor – to uncover errors in financial data. Eli has been a technology entrepreneur for over 30 years, having founded or co-founded many successful technology companies. Eli was recognized as the 2018 AI Leader of the Year by the Digital Finance Institute and is a prolific speaker, including talks at the AICPA, Startup Canada Day on the Hill, and TEDx. Eli also gives back to the community by mentoring future business leaders and sitting on the boards of various non-profit organizations.

Lecture Title : AI- Leadership Perspective


Updating Soon

Varun Kumar Manik

Varun is an accomplished professional with diversified experience in DevOps, DevSecOps, Software Configuration, Build/Release Management, System/ Cloud Administration, Support and Maintenance in Linux & Windows server environments. Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services.
DevOps Cloud Engineer being responsible for the administration of several AWS recourses and Linux/ Windows Servers to ensure functioning of all project modules that run on development, testing and validation, in addition to deployments in the approval and production environments.

• AWS: Certified Solution Architect (Professional)
• AWS: SYSOPS Certified
• Red Hat: Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation
• Microsoft: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. (70-533)

Workshop : MLOPS with DEVOPS




The workshop will walk through use cases and adoption examples and success stories for both perspectives. This workshop is 3 hour immersive learning experience.

Key takeaways

  • Data Science and AI/ML adoption
  • DevOps Adoption

Who Should Attend

Leaders, Product Owners, Data Analyst , Development teams
Explore ways to get involved



Threat modelling is a process for capturing, organizing, and analyzing all the information that affects the security of an application. This is an experiential learning workshop! The idea is to have fun & learn by doing

Key takeaways

  • Spoofing: Impersonating something or someone else. Tampering: Modifying data or code
  • Repudiation: Claiming not to have performed an action. Information
  • Disclosure: Exposing information to someone not authorized to see it
  • Denial of Service: Denying or degrading service to users
  • Elevation of Privilege: Gain capabilities without proper authorization

Who Should Attend

Leaders, Product Owners, Data Analyst , Development teams
Tickets Sold Out
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The workshop will walk through adoption through a sentiment analysis use case

Key takeaways

  • Overview of a use case - Sentiment analysis
  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebook & AWS SageMaker
  • Setup New Project
  • Setup and Run the Build CI/CD Pipeline
  • Setup the Release Pipeline
  • Test Build and Release Pipelines
  • Testing the deployed solution
  • Examining deployed model performance

Who Should Attend

Data Analyst , Development teams
Explore ways to get involved



This workshop provides attendees with a methodology to practice cloud infrastructure security in their organizations

Key takeaways

  • Use Checkov to detect bad security practices in infrastructure code
  • Write a custom detection rule specific to your organization’s needs
  • Implement a remediation for fixing faulty infrastructure code
  • Bake security and compliance checks into CI/CD by integrating Checkov into a local pre-commit hook

Who Should Attend

Security team, Development / Ops /DevOps Team
Explore ways to get involved




Why DevOps practices are key for reducing lead time for product features. This is a experiential learning activity, we have a game where we challenge gamers to produce doodles, and show how introducing DevOps practices will help us break silos, focus on value and deliver fast

Key takeaways

  • DevOps Mindset: Break Silos
  • DevOps Tech: Automation testing; Configuration management; CI/CD
  • DevOps practices: - C-POP: Focus on values, but not on tasks

Who Should Attend

Leadership team, Product Owners, Development Team
Explore ways to get involved



How can you make time for real innovation and improvement? How do you know what to automate or invest in? How do you escape process prison? How can you get everyone aligned to make a difference? How can you start to drive revenue from tech?

Key takeaways

  • Lean Value Stream Mapping (LVSM)
  • Team challenges hindering innovation and velocity
  • Why Value Stream Mapping is valuable, easy and important
  • What makes up a Value Stream Map
  • How to use a Value Stream Map to dramatically improve

Who Should Attend

Leadership team, Product Owners, Development Team
Explore ways to get involved



This workshop is about how to compliment through DevOps practices to provide the organization with the confidence it needs to reach successful outcomes

Key takeaways

  • A mini outcomes generated workshop. Create outcomes, obstacles and prioritize
  • Once we have that strategy we will have the table groups create and challenge metrics to track progress using GQM
  • Lastly is a discussion on how to collect and track those metrics

Who Should Attend

Leadership team, Product Owners, Development Team, Business Analyst
Explore ways to get involved

Alex Borhani

Alex Borhani is a SANS Institute published author and an accomplished technology executive with over 15 years of experience in the security industry. Throughout 12 years, Alex served the FBI as a Special Agent, Supervisory Special Agent, and Unit Chief. He specialized in Counterterrorism and Cyber investigations, including high-profile breaches where Zero Trust emerged as a new approach to enterprise security. As a leading expert on cyberterrorism, he became the CISO for in 2016 and helped implement Zero Trust and DevSecOps security frameworks. Using his diverse cybersecurity experiences and passion to empower all organizations to achieve superior and cost-effective modern security practices, in 2019, he became a co-founder of Tauruseer, the first and only Product-Centric Risk Management solution for DevSecOps environments


Lecture Title : DevSecOps: Achieving Goals & Continuous Assurance through Configuration Management

Christine Dyack

I am a unique visionary in the world of projects. My ability to grasp hands-on experience and apply this to functional data information is extraordinary and vastly in high detail.
Whether I am part of a large multimillion project team or one on one with small business owners, my ambition towards a solutions based involvement always incorporates coaching and inclusion for all with a mindset in agile fluidity.
Hardwork does not phase me, as I'll gladly go into depths in order for the project to succeed. I will hit the ground running, facilitate the project start, set the pace and directionally coach every team member I encounter.
My ability to deliver coupled with confidence and success will not disappoint and will spread throughout the team. Transparent communication, job role coaching and building, creating a positive environment for change, along with high level team building, will always be my focus and determination


Lecture Title : Introducing DevOps Community of Practice

Intro – DevOps Community of Practice & Maturity Model


Introduction to the track where he talk about 

Key Features

  • -Current state of DevOps & DevSecOps

  • -DevOps Self Assessment Approach

  • -DevSecOps Implementation Approach

  • -Immersive experience through gamification

Explore ways to get involved

Leveraging the power of Gamification to improve Business Results


Key Features

  • - Introduction to Gamification

  • - Gamification techniques and Examples

  • - Business Simulations –Structure, benefits and examples

  • - Business Case & Real Life example

  • - Creating High Performance Teams

  • - Mastering Gamification at workplace

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Keynote AI, Leadership Perspective


This talk highlights and build a dialog on the following topics and presents a view on change roadmap in context of AI

Key Features

  • - What prevents adoption of AI

  • - The Black box of AI - addressing the challenge

  • - Bias - types and key considerations

  • - Ethics - A quick dive into ethical challenge

  • - Privacy - Data, Algorithms and choices

  • - Conclusions & remarks

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Track 3 Intro – Mindfulness of DevSecOps


His talk will introduce the DevSecOps and also build a perspective about evolution of DevSecOps Practices 

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Track 1 – The Journey to DevOps Maturity – A Never Ending Story


His talk will introduce the Key Challenges for finding DevOps maturity model coming from past

Key Features

  • - How to make incremental progress and choose a path

  • - Co-Evolution of three organisational dimensions Culture, Culture, Culture

  • - Discuss the DevOps maturity & Future Possibilities 

  • - Practical Approach towards Modern Transformation Landscape

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Track 1 – The Implementation of DevSecOps in Large Banks


- Introduction

- DevSecOps Introduction

- DevSecOps Current Status Challenge

- DevSecOps Tools

- DevSecOps Implementation and Culture Establishment


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Track 2 – Migrating your CI/CD pipeline to a microservice architecture


Her talk reflects next -generation software practices with Microservices 

Key Features

  • - How Continuous Deployment is disrupted 

  • - How builds are different 

  • - Workflows and Orchestration of Microservices

  •  - Next-Generation Configuration Management for Microservices

  • - Next-Generation CD ecosystem  

  • - Dependency Mapping and Data Visualization 

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Track 3 – NoOps


During his talk he cover "The Shift in Overall Landscape"​

- Major Transformations in IT Landscape - Today​

- Major Transformations in IT Landscape – Key Statistics

- Why a unified process helps​

  • The Disruption​

  • The Golden Principle Stage​

  • The Industrial Scope​

  • The Future​

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Track 3 – Decoding DevSecOps


His talk highlight DevSecOps importance & decoding DevSecOps

Key Features

  • - Discuss DevOps and DevSecOps Values 

  • - What is DevSecOps 

  • - Three ways of DevSecOps

  • - How to strike the balance between Security & Agility

  • - Discuss Best Practices from Industry Perspective 

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Track 2 – The Future of DevSecOps


His talk provides a brief history of how development, operations and security testing have become highly complex. It continues to outline the key problems with traditional security solutions and why in 2020 companies around the world are still figuring out a good way to manage security as part of rapid development cycles. Specifically, the big challenge of introducing and fixing new security issues versus tackling the existing security dept of existing applications.

To quote Bishop Desmond Tutu, “There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.”

After setting the stage, the remainder of the talk will focus on the paradigm shift that security solutions have to incorporate in order to solve the problem of sustainably secure applications on all layers. This will explore how the elements of Speed, Just in time training, and Data science have to be leveraged to empower development teams around the globe to get ahead for once and finally become able to move fast and be safe at the same time.

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Track 1 – The Human Side of DevOps Transformation


Transformation is a journey and it is not an easy process 

Key Features

  • - This talk highlight the biggest challenge of DevOps Transformation

  • - Discuss the key takeawy from years of experience with  DevOps & Agile 

  • - Consideration about resistance to change & embrace DevOps mindset shift

  • - How to build community of practice and a collaborative environment 


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Track 2 – Introducing DevOps Community of Practice


Introducing DevOps Community of Practice

Community of Practice is amazing! They are a great way to contribute into the next-generation evolution of software delivery & DevOps practices
-We discuss DevOps software methodologies, tools & trends to build digital products

-We will discuss how we can make software engineering simple, collaborative & valuable at every step with DevOps practices!

-Community of practice is a platform for evolving the DevOps practices

-Next steps - we will create open source project to contribute in the DevOps practice evolution

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Track 2 – Test automation journey of migrating your application from monolithic to microservices



Tickets Available at

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Track 3 – Learning Core Behaviors: How Leaders Can Influence Success of DevOps Adoption Success


His talk introduce the :-

 - The key challenges in DevOps today

-  The DevOps in a Value Stream Flow

- Transformational Leadership 

- Core behaviors of DevOps Leader


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Track 2 – DevOps from an Outsider’s Perspective


Her talk highlights the evolution of medical information and data 

Key Features

- Create awareness around the need of digitization of health care

- State of Digital Innovation of Health Care - System, Practices, Technology, Patients 

- How to implement DevOps in HealthCare

- Journey of building a digital health-tech product


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Track 1 – Self-Assess DevOps 9 Pillars and map your journey towards higher maturity


In this talk I will present a DevOps Blueprint, a self-assessment method and tools for assessing the 9 pillars of DevOps including Leadership, Culture, Design, Integration, Testing, Infrastructure, Monitoring, Security and Delivery.
Attendees will learn about a comprehensive blueprint for DevOps, understand the 9 pillars of DevOps, associated best practices, how to self-assess your DevOps, and how to roadmap a DevOps Journey to improve the maturity of your DevOps

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Track 1 – DevSecOps: Achieving Goals & Continuous Assurance through Configuration Management


His talks introduces the concept of Continuous Assurance Model

Key Features 

- Highlight key challenges introducing DevOps in regulated Industries 

- Co-Existence of DevOps and Regulations 

- Introduce lightweight Continuous Assurance Platform 

- Discuss Accountability Loops 

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Track 3 – Panel discussion - Maturity, Compliance and Evolution devops practices


DevOps Experts Discuss future of DevOps Practices and the Landscape of standards, Compliance and Regulatory 

Tickets Available at

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Track 2 – Five Ideals of the age of Data based on unicorn project


His talk highlights how to foster DevOps ways of working adoption

Key Features 

- Gamification aspect of learning 

- Learning in fourth revolution, aspects which we can use in DevOps

- How gamification can help you to be a learning organization 


Tickets Available at

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Track 1 – DevOps Maturity Model


His talk include DevOps Maturity Model 

Key Features 

- Culture 

- Automation 

- Process 

- Levels


Tickets Available at

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Track 3 – Agile to DevSecOps: One Mindset At A Time


Agile to DevSecOps - One mindset at a time

Key Features 

- Key Challenges & Benefits DevSecOps brings 

- Journey from Agile to DevSecOps from a project manager perspective

- Distinction, and Consideration to move from Agile to DevSecOps

- How to take first steps to introduce in SDLC process 

- Key takeaways and next-steps 

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Track 2 – Why DevOps training matters to an SRE Practice


His talks discusses the DevOps as bridge to SRE

Key Features 

- DevOps in SRE Shoes

- SRE as initial stage of System Thinking

- How to build up SRE

- Toil - How to measure and stop it from growing 

- Discuss Data-Driven Operations 

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Welcome Note



DevOps Summit, Canada is an experiential learning summit. The DevOps Summit experience will include

Key Feature

- Leadership Workshops 

- Talks & Dialog around Evolution of DevOps Practices 

- Build Community Dialogue 

- Extensive tracks for DevOps Learning 

- Gamification & Simulation

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Keynote DevGovOps


Shlomo is the CTO at Benchmark Corp in Canada and a DevOps Institute Ambassador. His mantra to live by is: “I am here to help.” He is focused on supporting the practical side of DevSecOps which stems from his engineering and enterprise architecture background. 

Key Feature

- How DevGovOps was created 

- Governance Engineering & DevOps 

- DevGovOps Security Metrics 

- DevGovOps in Practice 


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