Author-Garima Bajpai (DevOps Ambassador)

As DevOps Summit in Ottawa is around the corner, it would be interesting to build an insight into the promise of DevOps to be realized in 2020. Some of the key trends which will build up momentum in future are concurrence that software technology being embedded in every business and concurrence of software-defined is on a rise for every industry segment. The very fact that DevOps is progressive, experimental & focuses on flow and feedback, it gets powerful every day.

Accelerated Software Delivery has become an urgent need for everyone, which means it has cascaded effect on how we deliver and operate the software. Software Delivery and management practices are evolving for good & for plenty!

There will be substantial opportunities for everyone, which will be collaborative, open-source and build on the social ecosystem of micro-learning objectives associated with a common purpose. It would be good to take a deep dive on the key trends to watch out for 2020, which looks promising for all.

Building the Social Ecosystem of Practices – DevOps Dojos

As companies will continue to face the shortage of talent in adopting DevOps ways and integration of complex workloads, building the social ecosystem to support DevOps practices will be on the rise. Innovative ways to accelerate not only the adoption of DevOps practices but also evolve how we collaborate will be taking the front seat. Establishing a network of DevOps practitioners, community thinking around software architecture and infrastructure evolution will be considered helpful.

The whole concept of wiping out the silos will take a new definition with interconnected digital solutions how companies will adapt to collaborative skill-building by collective thinking around rationalized development of an application, infrastructure, and data. This will help in orchestrating change by creating synergies and learning through experimentation in an open ecosystem.


BizDevOps – Continuous Business Models

The necessary velocity required to enable organizations to reinvent & accelerate innovation for either being a disruptor or to get secured from being disrupted will create a need to bring DevOps mindset in workflows & business process models. The business teams will collaborate with development and operations to build dynamic workflows with a business focus, how these teams can bring new practices to test hypothesis, monitor optimize workflows, how to make improvements based on flow, feedback & experimentation.

Three ways of DevOps for Machine Learning

According to Integration of DevOps with new ML models in a highly automated and reliable way is a key for building advanced ML systems that combine multiple models to deliver the best accuracy while constantly monitoring model performance. Operations teams must be able to support the model training process & concurrent experiments and shared production environment with elastic scaling & support for infrastructure bursts. This means that DevOps principles and practices will become more mainstream in the context of machine learning, integration of new workflows into development and operation pipelines will be on the rise paving the way for self-learning & adaptive DevOps pipelines

DevSecOps on the rise – Enabling the secure ecosystem by integrating DevOps practices

According to the current DevSecOps practitioners, DevSecOps is to build on the mindset that everyone is responsible for security , intending to safely distribute security decisions at speed and scale to those who hold the highest level of context without sacrificing the safety required. This would require to establish security framework which is open & decentralized Summarizing it all, 2020 looks promising with a key development for DevOps ways!