DevOps Summit 2020

Face-to-Face | Virtual

Ottawa | Nov 2nd – 3rd 2020

Our Review Committee

Garima Bajpai, Canada

Cliff Ellement, Canada

Jorge Castro, Peru

Made Mulia, Indonesia

Ronak Vyas, Canada

Our Organizing Committee

William Szepesi, Canada

Flavia Costola de Souza, Canada

Detelina Jeliazkova, Canada

Trina Joshi, Canada

Esther Kim, Canada

Parth Shah, Canada

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Jorge Castro

Jorge is an agilist who feels passion for Testing Automation, Agile, DevOps and business agility. He enjoys research and learning about business agility and working with cutting-edge technologies. He has been learning continuously for more than 12 years and is still learning new ways to foster business agility and team greatness. He has worked in several roles (developer, tester, manager, agile coach) which helps him to see the big picture and operational and team members dynamics happening inside organizations. This experience lets him help teams design, build and implement digital, DevOps and agile transformation strategies. He encourages focus on: People, Productivity, Continuous improvement, Innovation and having fun to enjoy success in our agile journeys.

Track Leader : DevOps Community of Practice 

Garima Bajpai

Garima Bajpai is Co-Founder, DevOps Community of Practice, Canada and Executive Board Member of Capital Carbon Consulting committed to helping organizations struggling with complex digital transformation & development projects. She is leading the operational vision of the company by ultimately maximizing value for customers through the Strategic Business Transformation. She has helped a wide variety of organizations adopt agile software delivery practices. She is a frequent keynote at major industry conferences and is a widely published author of articles and research reports

Track Leader : DevOps Summit 2020

Stephen Cross
Presented by Stephen Cross (Product Manager Oracle Infrastructure)
Worked  with the Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle Cloud Marketplace partner ecosystem. Focused on partner integrations with Oracle Cloud Applicaitons (SaaS), Platform Services (PaaS) and Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)
Track Leader : Workshops

Ronak Vyas
Consultant, Digital Strategy and Operations, Emerging Technologies. A seasoned DevOps evangelist, Ronak has worked across multiple tech disciplines in both large and small Technology companies, Fintech as well as PR and Consulting companies. With DevOps as his core skill, he has architected and built software delivery pipelines for both scaling the team’s capacity on using newer automation technologies and benchmark a resilient software delivery methodology. He will discuss the journey from “discovery to delivery” in digital transformation bridging the gap between Devops and AI.
Track Leader : Emerging Technologies

Made Mulia Indrajaya
Made Mulia is an accredited trainer and DevOps Ambassador from DevOps Institute. Made currently works as Managing Partner in NaradaCode, and actively contribute as a speaker in many conferences and events. Made is also a core organiser of DevOps Indonesia community, and DevOpsDays event in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a DevOps consultant and coach, Made has helped several enterprises and banks in Indonesia to adopt DevOps, Modern IT Service Management and embed Security practices at speed and scale in it to help them stay a head of competition in this digital era.

Track Leader : DevOps Maturity Model

Cliff Ellement
Cliff Ellement is the Managing Director of The Resiliency Council of Canada (TRCC), a Cyber Security Advisory, Assessment and Certification company Headquartered in Ottawa. Cliff has over 25 years experience as a Data Network Architect and Senior Product Management Leader and has successfully launched several global communication network infrastructure and monitoring product lines as well as Secured Enterprise Applications (SaaS) Services. He has developed extensive expertise in networking, resiliency, operations and security frameworks with deep insights of customer segment requirements spanning SME to Enterprise market segments. Cliff is driving to develop new Cyber Security product and services to aid the development, deployment and operation of a Highly Connected and Resilient world.

Track Leader : DevSecOps 

William Szepesi
William is a DevOps Certified Project Manager with 20+ years international experience. He is comfortable achieving business goals through project leadership, product development or service enhancement. In past engagements he has also contributed using skills in Communications, Business Analysis, Development, Risk Management and Operations. William is highly knowledgeable and competent achieving goals in the Tech, Financial Services, HR and Health Care sectors.

Trina Joshi

Trina Joshi is a seasoned communications professional with a global experience in journalism, strategic communications and project management. In a career that spans over close to a decade, Trina has made progressive strides in developing a knowledge base on a wide range of issues of human interest. From this emanates her engaging writing style that is built on clarity and coherence on subjects like politics, environment, international affairs, women's leadership, social development, and human rights.

As a project manager, Trina spearheaded a key initiative that identified roadblocks to the leadership potential of young women. She devised productive strategies for outreach and effective communication to connect with immigrant communities and to raise awareness about leadership deficit among women here in Canada. Brand enrichment and media relations formed a significant component of this profile while she worked in the not-for-profit sector.   

With an impassioned fervor, Trina has remained engaged in multiple community-building initiatives. Curiosity and continuous learning are the two foundational blocs of Trina’s professional journey, and she is relentless in her exploration of new energies and in experimenting with innovative ideas for constructing a more viable/sustainable society.

Detelina Jeliazkova

Project Manager with over 15 year’s administrative skills within a fast pace environment of international sport events. Currently updating and retraining in Network Security, IT Operations and Analysis. Superior attention to detail, self-motivated, friendly, outgoing, and eager to learn new technologies. Experience working with teams, a team player, an effective communicator, and a problem solver.

Flavia Costola de Souza

Project Manager professional with 5+ years experience in managing IT projects, human resources, products, clients, vendors, operations, contracts and Business Analysis. Project Lead in North America and Latin America with exceptional initiative and leadership ability, proactive approaches and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Recognized for passion, teamwork, creativity and as a goal-getter.

Esther Kim

Esther is a Junior DevOps Engineer with a passion for meaningful customer experiences, sales, and frontend development. As a new graduate, she has been spending her time building her network and helping to bring the DevOps Summit to life!

Parth Shah

A certified Project Manager, with 9+ years of IT experience and 5+ years of Project Management experience. Successfully, delivered 50+ projects globally, with 3 product launches and 1 startup in Dubai, U.A.E.

Parth is versatile and professional with strong skills in project management, planning, and organization, possess the ability to organize information & present findings in a clear & useful manner to communicate effectively with stakeholders and executives in high paced environments. A value-driven leader demonstrating and capable of managing multiple cross-functional projects and multicultural teams to the highest degree of personal and professional integrity.

He is also a member in good standing of PMI and PMI-OVOC Chapter with Project Manager & Core team member at TEDx Ottawa.